How to have OneDrive sync in Linux

While I’m a GNU/Linux fan I use Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service as it works great on my Windows Phone. Well… if in MS would add support to other cloud storage service as they did on Android apps it would be even greater, but this is another story.

Up to Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Thar I have used onedrive-d to sync my files on Microsoft’s OneDrive with my GNU/Linux box.
Both the latest and the older releases are not working for me on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus.
I’ve not understood why, but googling I find out an alternative solution.
OneDrive for Linux
The sw is not packaged but need to be compiled.
Instruction are quite clear but I have few suggestion to add.

Both libcurl and SQLite3 needs the -dev package so one the terminal and install them with
  sudo apt sqlite3-dev libcurl-dev
DMD deb package can be downloaded from the above link, so download and install.

Now you are ready to start, download OneDrive from github, unzip and compile with as per software instructions:
sudo make install
Now you should copy the default config.
There is a typo in file, you have to type:
mkdir -p ~/.config/onedrive<!--mep-nl-->cp /usr/local/etc/onedrive.conf ~/.config/onedrive/config
The config file allows you to tell what you do not want to sync.
With onedrive-d I had an issue of “OLDER” file generation, practically I it was generating copy of my files in OneDrive.
With this onedrive you can avoid it skipping the sync of “OLDER” setting in config:
skip_file = ".*|~*|*OLDER*"
You are ready for the first sync.
In the terminal just type:
without any option.
Wait till sync complete.
To start it automatically and run as demon checking updates on both sides you can add a startup application with this in the “command” field
 onedrive -m
That’s all folks.
Have a nice OneDrive sync!

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