Memory upgrade on Asus PU301L

Since there is almost nothing around to explain how to upgrade RAM on ASUS PU301L, in this guide I’ll show you how to do it.
Asus PU301L comes with 4GB DDR installed.
The maximum amount of DDR installable is 8GB and there is only 1 slot. This means that to upgrade it you have to buy an 8GB and scrap the original 4GB.
Before to start remember that electronics components are ESD sensitive, pay attention, if possible work in an ESD safe environment, if not try to do not touch the metallic leads and the packaged components.

Step 1 – check the actual amount of memory mounted

With “Details” Ubuntu shows you some info on your system, as you can see the Memory is 3.7 GiB (i.e. 4GB).
Once you have verified it shutdown the PC, remove the power cord and flip it.

Step 2 – select the right memory exapnsion module

Not all the memories are suitable for all PCs.Selection_007
An easy way to find the right model is to use a memory manufacturer service.
I have choosed Crucial (1) but you can use also different brands.
On the main page you can select the brand, the product type and model on “Crucial Advisor Tool” and you’ll be prompted with the Crucial DDR and SSD compatible products.Selection_008

Step 3 – order the 8G DDR memory

Up to you where you prefer to buy your DDR, you can do it directly on Crucial site or whatever else.WP_20160319_13_58_51_Pro

Once you get it you can move on next step.

Step 4 – unscrew the bottom cover

Other PCs are much more easier to work on. On this Asus you have to remove the back cover completely as there are no service windows.WP_20160319_15_10_10_Pro
To open it you need:
  • Torx T5
  • Plastic blue “plectrum”
  • small screwdriver (1.5) may be useful in case you have some damaged screw
  • small pliar

Unscrew all the 10 screws that are on the perimeter as well as the 6 that are under the battery.WP_20160319_14_09_42_Pro
With the “plectrum” remove the back cover without damaging the hooks. Be careful!!

Step 5 – find and remove the 4GB module

Once you have removed the back cover you’ll find no DDR module! It is hidden under the metal box on the right of the below picture.WP_20160319_14_55_20_Pro
Use the pliar to gently lift it.WP_20160319_14_56_09_Pro
And here is the DDR!

Gently remove the 4GB module “sliding” left and right the two metal holder, the module will pop up.
Remove it.


Step 6 – place the new 8GB moduleWP_20160319_14_56_50_Pro

Be careful in correcly inserting the memory board and remember the ESD risk!
It’s simple, just do what you did to remove it but “in reverse”.

Step 7 – put back the cover and test the system

You’re almost done.
Put back the back cover and the battery. I do suggest not to put the screw, for the moment.
Turn on your PC.
If it runs you did it correctly, if not re-open it (that’s why I suggested you not to put the 16 screw!) and verify the insertion of the memory module.
Let’s assume it works, go back on “Details” and you’ll see 7,7GiB.

Step 8 – remember the screw!

Now shut down, remove the battery and put back all the screw.
Close them firmly but not too much to avoid to damage them.

Enjoy your memory expanded Asus PU301L!!!

(1) usually the bloggers specify something like “I have no relation with the company”. Well in my case it’s true for what concerns Asus, while it’s not for Crucial since I work for Micron Technology that is the owner company of Crucial. Anyhow I didn’t write this article as Crucial or Micron representative but only as “myself”.

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