SSD on Asus PU301LA

After the memory upgrade from 4 to 8G I have described in this post, I’ll explain here how to remove the HDD and to install a SSD.

Step 1 – select the SSD

Also in this case I have used the Crucial (1) website to identify a suitable SSD.

I decided to buy the BX200 480GB with a good capacity, same as the original HDD mounted on PU301LA, and lower price respect to MX200 even if a bit slower respect to the last.

Step 2 – order the SSD

Up to you where you prefer to buy your SSD, you can do it directly on Crucial site or whatever else.
Of course you have to wait to have the SSD before to go on.
I also suggest to but an enclosure for the old HDD so that you will be able to transfer your data to the news SSD and to use the old HDD as external drive.

Step 3 – unscrew the bottom cover

On this PU301LA, ASUS did not worried too much on easy of access… there is no “service window” so you have to unscrew the back cover.
Refer to step 4 on my post on memory upgrade for step by step instructions and tools.

Step 4 – remove the HDD

Once you have removed the back cover, the HDD is on the left under the orange “ASUS” band you can see in the picture below.

The “orange band” is a flat cable so take care not to damage it.
You have to gently lift open the white connectors on the two side of the “orange band” and to remove the 4 screws used to secure the HDD to the case using small a Phillips screwdriver.
Once you have removed the screws lift a bit the HDD and pull it with the black band. This band is just a “handle” to help to remove the HDD. Pay attention to lift a bit or you can strip off the black handle (as I did…).
Now remove the 4 screws that are on the two long sides of of the “cage”, remove the HDD and replace it with the SSD.

Step 5 – install the SSD

Now you have to plug in the SSD, screw in the 4 screws and to insert the orange flat cable on the two sides on the white connectors.
Pay attention on correctly inserting the flat cable on the connectors and remember to close them.

Step 6 – put back the cover and test the system

You’re almost done.
Put back the back cover and the battery. I do suggest not to put the screw, for the moment, so in case of issues it will be faster to open again your laptop case.
Turn on your PC and install your favorite OS.
I installed the brand new Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus but you can install whatever you want.
In my case it was incredibly fast!

Step 7 – install lvm2

My HDD was formatted with LVM partition.
With Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus you can’t mount if out of the box but you have to install lvm2.
To do it open a terminal and type:
sudo apt install lvm2
Now you should be able to mount your LVM partition.

Step 8 – last one

Now you can see how fast can be the boot of a PC with SSD.
Do not forget the screw!!!

(1) usually the bloggers specify something like “I have no relation with the company”. Well in my case it’s true for what concerns Asus, while it’s not for Crucial since I work for Micron Technology that is the owner company of Crucial. Anyhow I didn’t write this article as Crucial or Micron representative but only as “myself”.
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