WP8.1 photo crash with Facebook and Twitter

I’m back on my blog after long time…
I think it make sense to write when there is something original to write and I think I have something original now.
Even if I’m a GNU/Linux enthusiast my experience with Android was not good, both with budget phone and with a mid level phone, so since a couple of years I’m a WP user with Nokia Lumia 520 at the beginning and with a Lumia 735 since a couple of months.
I have equipped my new Lumia 735 with a 32G uSD (the SSD of my eeepc is 64G…).
Since few days I am experiencing and issue when I go to upload pictures in Facebook and Twitter while on Whatsapp everything is working fine.
The problem is that the “picture selection” app crash after 2/3 seconds without showing the  pictures stored.
The problem seems to be solved changing the uSD with another one.
So I have removed the uSD from the phone, and I copied all the 32G uSD content on my PC, after that I have formatted it twice and copied back all the stuff from the PC to the uSD.
After inserting again the uSD in my phone the issue seems to be solved.
Googling I did not find anything about this. I hope this can be useful.
As you can see I’ve been hit by the “date issue” on Vodafone server, 17 Settembre 2095 is not yet arrived!

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